Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Release: Aquila; from the darkness

Revealing her darkest secret to the only person with the power to hurt her forces seventeen year old Aqua to seek answers to her past; but every decision she makes affects the future. Her voyage of self discovery leads her to new allies and a new world she had no idea existed; a world where she discovers that the power to hurt is not as rare as she thought.

New Release:


This book is about a young woman searching for her place in the world, searching for love and acceptance. Of course, she soon realizes the world is a much different place than she thought. This is the first part of her story and focuses mainly on love.
Read a small excerpt below:
“So you would die for love?” August asks hesitantly, bringing my mind back to the now.
“I can’t think of anything else I would die for,” I answer honestly. “I don’t see the point of life without love. I’ve lived in a world of numbness, of not feeling. At the time it saved me, but now I realise it was like living in death; feeling nothing gives you nothing to live for. My love for you, my mother, Aaron...” my voice cracks slightly. “When we die, we leave forever; and everything that makes us us, goes too. Our hopes, our dreams, our memories, our futures; they disappear like grains of sand on the wind until nothing remains of us – except the love of those we’ve left behind. Love maybe the only pure thing in this world. I would definitely break the rules for love.”

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  1. This sounds like a great book! I will buy it as soon as I get a little extra money!