Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Aquila; from the darkness is live on Amazon Kindle for £2.63

Hi Everyone. Exciting news, the eBook is now live on Amazon Kindle.


In other news - I am planning a book launch in the near future; dates, times and places still to be confirmed so keep watching for updates.

Check out a short interview with the star of the book below:-

Initially you appear to be like any other normal seventeen year old woman. How did you maintain your secret for so long?

Aqua: With practice, meticulousness and a bit of luck. I don't really know how I managed to keep it from Aaron to be honest, we've spent the majority of our childhoods together. The rest of the world was easy; I rarely socialised with anyone outside of church and work. I was happy to be the tall, weird girl swamped in massive clothing who sat with her mother; them knowing the truth would have been worse

You were quite upset about Aaron's reaction. What made you decide to reveal yourself?

Aqua: You mean literally don't you?! What can I say, I've always been quite impulsive. Sometimes my mouth or my body acts before my brain can catch up. But in this case, I think I did it because I was already so upset with him... I guess doing it then didn't feel as scary as it usually did.

Do you think you would have followed Lucas if Aaron hadn't upset you that night?

Aqua: Definitely not! I still can't believe I did. My mum raised me to be sensible... following Lucas was not sensible, it was impulsive; I'm lucky it worked out so well and he didn't turn out to be a creep. I don't condone following strange men off into the night, okay?!

It did work out didn't it, and you found August. How did you feel about that?

Aqua: Shocked to say the least. I wasn't exactly in a good place mentally at the time. Fortunately my crazy hysterics didn't put him off of me forever. In fact, I think I handled it better than him in the end. I love August to bits.

You did seem to form a bond quickly. Can you explain that?

Aqua: Not really, no! We just clicked, once we got past the initial upset of course. I always knew I'd had a brother. My mum had talked about him regularly as though he were still alive and growing up beside me... I figured that's why I accepted him so quickly when I found him... alive. He looks just like our father.

Have either of you managed to figure out why Marcus did it? Marcus being your biological father.

Aqua: So they tell me, though I still don't buy it; and I have no idea why he did it. August still thinks our mother's lying. I really don't want to talk about Marcus.

Ok, why don't we talk about your other brother, Liam?

Aqua: Ha ha, that took you longer than I thought it would.

Is there anything you want to share with us, Aqua? Things get pretty intense between the two of you through the book don't they...

Aqua: Yes.

So I guess people will have to read the book to find out about that then?

Aqua: They definitely will. But I just want to clarify; Liam is not actually related to me. He's my brother by circumstance only. I could not stand Liam as an older brother; I feel bad for August.

So do we. Thank you for being with us today. We hope you'll pop back and see us in the future. Perhaps you'll bring one of your brothers with you too?

Aqua: Thank you for having me. August would have loved to come but this interview would never finish; he never stops talking... Maybe I'll send him on his own next time.

We look forward to it.

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Aqua Vickers is a normal, impulsive and stubborn seventeen year old girl living with her mother in the countryside and secretly in love with her best friend Aaron Coles. Yet Aqua has a secret, and maybe she's not as 'normal' as she first seems. This book is a YA fantasy romance. We follow Aqua's journey as she seeks answers to her past and discovers things about herself that she would never have guessed. She meets new friends and family along the way who help her when a horrendous event threatens to destroy her life and her sanity. Aqua doesn't like all of the answers she finds, and some answers pose far more personal and painful questions.

The book is written from Aqua's POV. It is the first of a two-part story following her maturing as a person, finding love, suffering grief and sorrow and seeking the answer to the all important question... Who is she and what is her role?

Hope you all enjoy this x


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