Saturday, 12 April 2014

Aquila is going on tour!

That's right. Tonya of my family's heart book reviews and tours is hosting Aquila's first blog tour. If you'd like to take part, and receive a free review copy of the novel in the process, click on the following link.

News about the sequel

You may have noticed it hasn't released yet. I must apologise for the delay. Other commitments, i.e. my degree and family have slowed my writing. However, my beta's are ready and waiting to cast their scrutinising eyes through it as soon as I've typed the final word. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime... perhaps some teasers will interest you?...

Teasers: Aquila; Into The Light

Aqua and Brue

I unfurl my wings and jump; and then scream when something heavy lands on my ankle. I’m already ascending, quickly. The voice from my foot is young but commanding.
“Aqua, you have to go back.”
“I am going back, Brue.”
“No, back down,” he shouts.
“Then I’ll let go,” he warns.
“Let go then,” I snap. We’re high now, higher than the tower. I circle, looking at the island and for my mother.
“Fine,” he shouts, and he lets go.

Aqua and ?

His eyes widen momentarily at the move, the sneer drops a little. His mouth remains closed, his lungs still. I blink in subdued composure, obligated to take his life to save mine. I told August once that death shouldn't be for honour, or a punishment, or taken lightly - like it's expected of us. When did we decide that one life is worth more than another?

Ok! That's your lot for now. I need to get back to typing :)

If you've read Aquila; From the Darkness, don't forget to leave your review at your point of purchase or on any book review site. Every comment, good or bad, is much appreciated.

Happy reading


  1. Eagerly awaiting the sequel :) Good teasers!

  2. Hi Luna! Thank you. I'll share some more next time :) Working hard on the sequel, can't wait to share it with you x